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3techies is looking for contributors!

Hi all, this site was originally started as a collaboration between myself (Kristoffer) and two friends who also are in the business. As things have developed, I am pretty much the only active member. I do feel the site has potential, so I am looking to fill the other slots. If by some turn of events we happen to become more than three, I don’t care! If you look at the site, you pretty much […]


Exchange 2013 CU2 released

Good news everyone! CU2 for Exchange 2013 is out; and it brings back many of the features that where missing from CU1/RTM; but where there in 2010. Deets are here: Highlights are the fact that all CUs are now full installs; and new servers need not be patched, but deployed using the CU-installer. Which means bigger DL; but easier install, and less hassle. Also: Support for 100 databases in Enterprise, up from 50 in […]


SQL Administration for Dummies (by a dummy)

This will be a work-in-progress article, so it’ll be updated. If you’re interested; I suggest you bookmark or subscribe 🙂 What I’ve noticed in my travels, is that SQL Server is one of those things that alot of people install, but few people configure properly. I have been one of those people, though I have tried my best. And it’s understandable. Often times, you’re looking to set something up for a single purpose maybe, and SQL Server […]


Installing Exchange 2013 CU1 in co-existence

A simple walkthrough of the install of  Exchange 2013 CU1 in a Exchange 2010 environment. This is based on a clean server 2012 install. Just to emphasize one thing first: CAS-arrays are out. CAS in 2013 is just a simple proxy to redirect to the correct user mailbox, so they are no longer needed. Download CU1 from, and extract. Download and install the Microsoft Unified Communications Managed API 4.0, Core Runtime 64-bit from Download and install […]


Citrix plugin working for IE9

Hi, Just a quick post to let everyone know how to get rid of the annoying problem with Internet Explorer 9 not launching .ica files properly. Because the regular citrix clients on is not marked as NOT compatible with IE9, some digging was required. – Uninstall any former Citrix plugins. – Download new plugin here: – Install new client and restart browser window. There you go, user! All better now! 😀


New Blog!

New blog is set up! Running wordpress CMS on a hosted server. This site will be home to tips & tricks of the trade, with posters Olti, Kristoffer and Terje, A.K.A. The 3 Techies!