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Event ID 36888 – Schannel

I stumble upon this all the time. It’s logged as an error, and it usually comes in bunches, looking like this:   So what to do about this. What is it? Well, nothing. It’s a false alert if there ever was one. It’s basically saying that someone tried to access a website (Exchange website in this case) using an unsecure connection, when a secure connection is required. Http instead of https usually. I did spend […]


So you wanna save some space on Server 2012?

This is usually not a big thing; but say you have 100 virtual servers. All of them set up as you want them; and the odds are slim that you’ll want to add significant features. Prior to server 2012, those servers would have binaries for all of the roles available; with no means to remove them (officially). For an average server, that would be about 2GBs wasted, dead data which you’ll never use. With a […]


Windows Server 2012 on Virtualbox

Just a quick heads up; as I was setting up a 2012 lab today, on Virtualbox, I just went on auto-pilot and installed the Guest Additions. They install just fine, but after a reboot, the server was useless. Started hanging pretty much regardless of what I tried to do. Not sure what the problem is; but I did see that the Desktop Window service was taking quite a bit of CPU, so it might be […]