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Citrix Studio stuck on ‘expanding’

Boy it’s been a long time since the last update! This is too annoying not to share though. I had a couple of Citrix DDCs (7.9) which we needed to move to a new subnet. Simple job really, right? Nope! After moving them, I tried opening Studio (as you do), only to find it was stuck on ‘expanding’ on both servers. Tried installing studio on a local machine, stuck on ‘assessing configuration files’. No error […]


Building a Windows 7 Kiosk in 10 minutes

Right, so I can’t guarantee you it’ll only take 10 minutes, but after scouring the web for good ways to do it; I ultimately spent less time fixing it myself than banging my head against the desk trying everything I found. It’s easy, and it doesn’t require any third-party apps or solutions. My mission was this: We were implementing a XenDesktop-solution, using Web Interface 5.4. I had x number of thin clients, and x number […]


Migrating from Citrix Receiver Enterprise 3.x to Citrix Receiver 4.0 !Updated!

Update 10/10/13:┬áSince I was handed two more factors; it had to be run for users on VPN; and it had to be absolutely bulletproof, I revised the script to do the following: – Check for installed version, so it doesn’t mess up allready installed Receivers. – Files are copied locally to computers, so it doesn’t run over the network. – I’m also running it as a scheduled task, since startup scripts don’t run well when […]


XenDesktop – No items match the supplied pattern

So this was driving me nuts for a while. I was trying a simple task: Setting the power scheme for a XD pool. Should be straight forward, but it kepts failing, giving me “No items match the supplied pattern”. Now luckily it’s powershell based (yay!), so it’s solvable. And seing as this isn’t something I change that often, I’m not going to be digging for the answer as to WHY this happens. For some reason […]


Default fullscreen in XenDesktop

By default, XenDesktop users with Citrix Receiver 3.x can choose window size as they please. I recently had a customer who required (through use of thinclients with write-filter) that the desktop always launched in fullscreen. Citrix have never been particularly good with documentation; so it’s no surprise that this key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Citrix\XenDesktop\DesktopViewer Dword:ForceFullscreen = 00000001 …is undocumented. But it works! Problem solved, and one less headache. Thanks to Andrew Morgan at the Citrix forums.