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Citrix Studio stuck on ‘expanding’

Boy it’s been a long time since the last update! This is too annoying not to share though. I had a couple of Citrix DDCs (7.9) which we needed to move to a new subnet. Simple job really, right? Nope! After moving them, I tried opening Studio (as you do), only to find it was stuck on ‘expanding’ on both servers. Tried installing studio on a local machine, stuck on ‘assessing configuration files’. No error […]


Migrating from Citrix Receiver Enterprise 3.x to Citrix Receiver 4.0 !Updated!

Update 10/10/13: Since I was handed two more factors; it had to be run for users on VPN; and it had to be absolutely bulletproof, I revised the script to do the following: – Check for installed version, so it doesn’t mess up allready installed Receivers. – Files are copied locally to computers, so it doesn’t run over the network. – I’m also running it as a scheduled task, since startup scripts don’t run well when […]


Default fullscreen in XenDesktop

By default, XenDesktop users with Citrix Receiver 3.x can choose window size as they please. I recently had a customer who required (through use of thinclients with write-filter) that the desktop always launched in fullscreen. Citrix have never been particularly good with documentation; so it’s no surprise that this key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Citrix\XenDesktop\DesktopViewer Dword:ForceFullscreen = 00000001 …is undocumented. But it works! Problem solved, and one less headache. Thanks to Andrew Morgan at the Citrix forums.


Citrix plugin working for IE9

Hi, Just a quick post to let everyone know how to get rid of the annoying problem with Internet Explorer 9 not launching .ica files properly. Because the regular citrix clients on is not marked as NOT compatible with IE9, some digging was required. – Uninstall any former Citrix plugins. – Download new plugin here: – Install new client and restart browser window. There you go, user! All better now! 😀