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Migrating from Citrix Receiver Enterprise 3.x to Citrix Receiver 4.0 !Updated!

Update 10/10/13:┬áSince I was handed two more factors; it had to be run for users on VPN; and it had to be absolutely bulletproof, I revised the script to do the following: – Check for installed version, so it doesn’t mess up allready installed Receivers. – Files are copied locally to computers, so it doesn’t run over the network. – I’m also running it as a scheduled task, since startup scripts don’t run well when […]


Old Adobe versions

So you need version 8.3 of Adobe Reader you say? Adobe website giving you a headache you say? No need to make it more complicated than it is. Connect to (using web or your FTP client of choice). Under /pub/adobe/reader you will find all versions and languages.