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Java stuck at loading applet

Java is so much fun. So, we had an issue when switching to a new proxy, where Java would simply hang when trying to load an applet. No error message, no obvious traffic being blocked, no authentication problems, nothing. Enabling tracing in the Java-console gave use this: network: Connecting with proxy=HTTP @ /(proxy) network: Connecting with cookie “xxxxxx” network: Server requesting to set-cookie with “xxxxxx; Path=/” network: Connecting http://(Domain controller):53/ with proxy=DIRECT […]


Clean up Java versions – Updated!

REVISED 11/03/13! I’m not alone in having a headache whenever there’s a new Java-version. The old one doesn’t uninstall, the new one might fail to install. It’s a mess more often than not. After spending some time trying to find a good way to clean it all up in an enterprise environment, I decided that there wasn’t a good solution. So, I decided to invent the wheel myself. The result is a powershell script which […]