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Credential prompts in Outlook / Exchange 2013 & 2010 – Updated!

Coexistence between Exchange 2010 and 2013 is fairly new still; so a few bugs is to be expected. This is however a rather large one. Credential prompts in Outlook (I’ve seen this in both 2010 and 2013) is usually an indicator of authentication/virtual directory configuration errors.   What I’ve seen a few times now is that if you have this scenario: User mailbox is on Exchange 2013 User accesses resoruces (public folders or shared mailbox) […]


0x80200049 Offline Address Book-error

This totally stumped me for a while. I had a few random users getting anĀ 0x80200049 error when downloading the offline address book. I went over everything on Exchange (2010) and everything looked fine and dandy. Even tried resetting the Outlook profile, to no avail. Well, lo and behold; Outlook uses BITS to download the OAB; and if the BITS queue goes full (60 jobs I think), it stops. Intuitive, right. No mention of BITS anywhere, […]