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Set default Calendar Permissions in Exchange 2010

So this is a common request: you need to set calendar permissions for all your users, so they all share details, beyond simple free/busy. Not really a problem, but I’ll save you the bother of reinventing the wheel. Here’s a script which does just that: $mailboxes = get-mailbox $mailboxes | foreach { $user=$_.Alias $path=$user+”:\Calendar” Set-MailboxFolderPermission –identity $path -User Default -Accessrights LimitedDetails } Now, keep in mind the following: This is for ALL mailboxes. Users should […]


Delegate unlock account privileges

So you want to delegate permissions to unlock accounts, as well as reset passwords for users in your domain? It’s not as straight forward as it should be. First, you have to edit %Systemroot%\System32\Dssec.dat to make the property visible. Open the file in notepad; find the [user] section, and change lockoutTime from 7 to 0. Close and save. Now open Active Directory Users & Computers: Go to properties on the desired OU Go to Security-Advanced […]