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Boot-image problems in SCCM 2012 SP1

So this has pretty much been well documented elsewhere, but I’ll jot down some experiences of my own. Updating boot-images failed when installing SP1 for SCCM2012. Obviously this SP had been highly anticipated, so we were eager to see if it could resolve some of our qualms and troubles with the RTM version. Maybe we were too eager, but to the best of my knowledge we followed the pre-installation guide MS provided. Anywho; we ended […]


Past due – Will be installed

We spent quite a bit of time cursing at this problem. In essence, a SCCM 2012 deployment, where all ‘required’ deployments were simply stuck at ‘Past due – Will be installed’. Clicking ‘Install all required’ worked, but was obviously not an option. So after plowing through log after log and everything looking fine and dandy; the deployments simply wouldn’t fire; I went though all the client default settings. An lo an behold. The perpetrator was […]


Unable to remove PXE role in SCCM 2012

I had a server that was erroneously configured for PXE booting (WDS-server was initialized, which pretty much makes PXE booting from SCCM not work). So the fix is obviously to disable PXE in SCCM; remove and re-add the WDS-role. Pretty straight-forward and very simple in SCCM 2012. Simply go to the distribution point and deselect PXE; and SCCM should handle the rest. Just make sure everything is removed before you re-add it. That is; remove […]