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Whatsapp is a great free online app, which allows to chat with someone and check messages from your phone – yet we see a
lot of people looking for Whatsapp spyware hacks in order to spy on other’s accounts and read chat history.

The Best Apps to Spy on WhatsApp

Rank Software Score Review OS Support Money Back 24h Support Price Description




Star Review Rooted Android 4+ devices, all iOS devices 10 days yes $29.
mSpy provides a great balance between functionality and affordability. It’s easy to set up and you can start monitoring all WhatsApp activity right away. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.
mobile spy

Mobile Spy
Star Review All Android devices (rooting is required), all 7+ iOS devices No No $49.
MobileSpy is a close runner-up in terms of offered services. Its user-friendly interface will allow you to easily view the device’s activity in real-time. Apart from WhatsApp tracking, it offers 25+ other features.

Saar Review All Android devices (rooting is required), all 7+ iOS devices No No $49.
SpyBubble is another great spying app that will give you access to all WhatsApp’s chats, calls, shared media, and more. It works on all Android devices and doesn’t require jailbreaking for iPhones.

What Is WhatsApp Spy Software?

With more than 450 million active daily users, WhatsApp is proudly standing among the most popular mobile applications in the world. But, as we all know – with great power comes great responsibility. Hosting so many users under its roof is bound to be challenging and mishaps are just inevitable. On the one hand, WhatsApp offering end-to-end encryption of the messages seems like a positive thing. On the other hand, though, it means that monitoring whether any inappropriate or malicious content is circulating inside the app gets rather tricky.

There have been multiple reports of chats sharing adult content, hacked links, fake news, and other potentially harmful content. Unfortunately, due to the lack of moderators in WhatsApp, it can take quite a while before the chat is blocked or removed, allowing things to go viral and have an effect on users.

So how can parents be sure that their kids are not involved in any dangerous chats on WhatsApp? How can an employer know that none of the confidential information or inappropriate messages are being shared by the employees? 

That’s where WhatsApp spy apps come into play. Spyware software is usually an undetectable application that is installed on a device you would want to monitor. It gathers data on the user’s location, call and chat history, social media activity, etc. and sends it to the dashboard or a so-called “control panel”.

Now, how do you know which software is worth buying and which one will be a waste of money? Let’s find out by reviewing the top 10 best WhatsApp monitoring apps.

Top 10 WhatsApp Spy Apps Solutions For You



mSpy, being one of the undeniable leaders in the industry, has proven itself to be an effective and cost-efficient WhatsApp spy tool. With mSpy, you will get access to all user activity not only on WhatsApp, but on the other major messaging platforms like Facebook, Viber, Snapchat, and many more. The spyware is completely undetectable and doesn’t have any effect on the targeted device.

Works on Android and non-jailbroken iOS devices.
Around-the-clock online support.
Tracks all incoming/outgoing WhatsApp messages and calls.
Gives you access to all shared multimedia.
Tracks the location of the device and sends GPS alerts.
To work on Android, the feature requires device rooting.


Unless you have physical access to the targeted device, FlexiSpy won’t be of much help. If you are able to install the software directly to the device, then this app can treat you with some advanced monitoring features. With its help, you’ll get access to all messages, and call logs with detailed information about the contacts, date and duration of the call, and message timestamps.

Allows you to record all incoming/outgoing calls.
Is compatible with both phones and computers.
Can be uninstalled remotely.
Offers a free demo version.
Is more expensive than other available WhatsApp spy apps.
Needs to be installed directly on the targeted device.
Works only on a rooted or jailbroken device.
Takes 200MB of storage space.


spybubble banner

SpyBubble takes little to no effort to set up and doesn’t require physical access to the device or jailbreaking. SpyBubble offers a great variety of spying features, that come with different subscription packages. It can provide you with logs of all individual WhatsApp chats and calls, monitor overall phone activity and its location, or block unwanted contacts.

Affordable prices and additional discounts.
Works without jailbreaking.
Monitors all popular messengers and social media platforms.
Tracks device’s location through GPS.
Doesn’t allow you to record calls.
Android devices have to be rooted for the software to work.


With SpyEra, you can easily view WhatsApp’s chats and call history while being completely undetected. It is compatible with phones, tablets, and computers. Through their official website, you can also order a completely new phone with already pre installed SpyEra software on it.

Available for Android, iOS, MAC, and Windows.
Clear and easy installation process.
Offers Keylogger feature for iPhones.
Has great online support.
iPhone requires jailbreaking.
You have to buy a separate license for each device type.


TheTruthSpy App review

TheTruthSpy can provide you with 30+ tracking features without being too harsh on your wallet. The most expensive subscription that covers all of the features will cost you only $30.99/month. This app doesn’t just spy on WhatsApp, it is able to record all calls and even surrounding sounds in live mode.

Affordable subscription options.
Can be used on multiple devices at the same time.
Can backup or wipe phone’s data remotely.
Also works with Facebook, Viber, and Skype.
There’s no online chat support.
Can be detected on the targeted phone.
Drains battery on the targeted device.



If you are looking for inexpensive and easy-to-install WhatsApp spy apps for Android and iOS, XNspy is one of them. A lot of features work without jailbreaking the device. XNspy gives you access to all social media messages, posts, call logs, and browser history. You can set alerts for when suspicious contacts or users interact with any of the accounts.

Live demo is available on the website.
The subscription is much cheaper compared to other alternatives.
Some features are available without jailbreak.
Some features work exclusively on Android devices.
There were complaints about the company’s refunding process.



Spyzie is another undetectable WhatsApp spy tool that will help you view chat history, download all shared attachments or media, and take screenshots remotely. Apart from tracking updates on social media accounts, the app keeps you updated on the device’s activity in general – its location, incoming calls, and keystrokes history.

Offers up to 30 spying features.
Doesn’t require rooting or jailbreaking.
STracks a great number of messengers.
There is a free demo version.
Limited features for iOS devices.
Requires physical access to Android or iCloud credentials for iOS.


With Hoverwatch, WhatsApp spy will be invisible to the user even on an unrooted device. Unless they know exactly what to look for. Hoverwatch lets you check WhatsApp messages and calls, media files attachments, or calendar data. Each time the device is unlocked, the front camera will take a picture and send it to your dashboard. Unfortunately, most of the advanced features are available only for Android devices.

All Internet activity will be monitored, even in incognito mode.
You can track up to 5 devices with one subscription.
SIM card changes notifications.
GPS location tracking.
WhatsApp tracking is available only on Android devices.
Physical access to the device is required for the installation.

Highster Mobile

Highster Mobile review

Highster Mobile allows you to extract and see all the data from the phone remotely from your dashboard. All you need to do is to install the app on the targeted Android or iPhone and you’ll be able to check the device’s location, photo and video log, call history, social media and IM texts, and get access to the camera.

The software offers a decent list of features.
Doesn’t require jailbreaking or rooting.
Can be uninstalled remotely from your dashboard.
Easy to set up and navigate.
Pro subscription is quite expensive.
You need physical access to the device to install the app.
No online chat support on the website.


mobilespy app review

While MobileSpy can’t offer you some mind-blowing and unique features, it definitely lives up to its name – it’s an excellent tool for monitoring someone’s phone activity. Compatible with both Android and iPhone, MobileSpy lets you read all text messages, see everything that’s been typed on the device, check GPS location, and much more. In case the software wasn’t what you were hoping for, you can be refunded within 2 weeks from the time of the purchase.

Affordable pricing and a wide selection of features.
Prompt online support.
Quick to install and has an intuitive interface.
Refunds can be made within 14 days after the subscription was purchased.
Android installation requires physical access to the device.
You can view only WhatsApp messages on iPhone, calls, and media tracking is not possible on iOS.

WhatsApp Spy Apps FAQs: What You Need to Know

WhatsApp spy software is for sure something that raises a lot of questions. To provide you with the most relevant information, we’ve talked to support teams that work with the best tracking apps and created an FAQ to answer the most common questions about the software.

Can I track WhatsApp messages?

Yes, you can. For more tech-savvy people, there is a loophole that allows you to use the same WhatsApp on devices that have the same MAC address. You can find a lot of articles online, that describe the process step-by-step. However, if you don’t have the opportunity to check the address, you can use tracking software to extract the data from the phone.

Can I spy on WhatsApp for free?

As I previously said, the only free way that doesn’t require any additional applications is to use the MAC address of the targeted device. Some tracking applications offer a free trial period so you can use their software for free for a limited time. After that, you will need to pay for the monthly subscription. However, there are a lot of apps that offer budget-friendly options and won’t affect your wallet that much.

Can I spy on WhatsApp without access to the phone?

While you may find a lot of websites stating that it is possible, for the most part – it’s not. In most cases, you will need at least a one-time physical access to the device to install the spying application. You can install it remotely on iPhones, but you will still need to have their iCloud credentials and backup enabled on the targeted device.

Can WhatsApp conversations be traced?

Yes, a lot of modern tracking software lets you see all of WhatsApp’s message history, including shared videos, audio files or attachments. But you do need to install the software on the targeted device first. Apart from that, there’s no other way to get guaranteed access to someone’s WhatsApp, despite what many hacking websites say.

Can someone access my WhatsApp deleted messages?

If you have/had a tracking app installed on your phone, all your chat history (including deleted messages) will be available in the app’s control center. So the person will still be able to see all the backed up data from your phone, even if you delete WhatsApp from your phone completely.

Can deleted WhatsApp messages be recovered?

If you have been backing up your chats from time to time, you can easily get all of your messages back. In case you didn’t enable back up, you can’t recover the messages through your phone alone. A lot of people install tracking software on their phone so that all the data and social media messages are saved to one place in their control panel. So all messages that were deleted from the phone itself will still be accessible through the panel.

Is it possible to hack WhatsApp messenger?

You can’t literally “hack” WhatsApp messenger. There isn’t any magical code that will let you see or control somebody’s account. You can’t crack it by using just a phone number, either. But you can read someone’s WhatsApp chat messages if you install tracking software to the targeted device. The software will record chat activity and send it to your dashboard.

How can I spy on WhatsApp chat?

As mentioned before, nowadays, there is a wide variety of tracking software that allows you to see pretty much everything that’s happening on the device. It includes reading chat messages from basically every popular messenger there is. While the majority of such apps will be able to track social media activity only on Android, apps like mSpy can still give you access to WhatsApp chat messages on iPhone, though you won’t be able to see calls or any media that’s being shared.

How do you see someone’s location on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp has a Live Location feature that lets you and your friends share your current location with the chat participants. The user can decide how long they want the location to be visible for (from 15 min to 8 hrs). You can’t trace someone’s location if you only have their number and spying software can track the location of the device through GPS, which has nothing to do with the actual WhatsApp application.

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