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For pennies an hour, you can hire your own private detective to monitor someone’s every move, without them ever knowing. Spy Apps are for more than just concerned spouses and lovers. They are also a valuable business tool, saving time and money on routine tracking, and helping to protect corporate data.

This PDF-file discusses the finer points of spy applications for your cell phone or tablet, what they are, how they work, and how to install them. This will allow you to spy on whoever you need to spy on, no matter where they are, or what they’re doing.


Which spy application can be useful for me to use only from my cell phone?

I want to install apps for spying to my wife’s cell phone but without install the spy apps on her cell phone is there any apps to resolve my problems. If you have any good free apps then please guide me as soon as possible I am very much badly require it.


  • Consider being honest about your fears or misgivings. Discuss why you may not trust the person rather than resort to spying.
  • Demonstrate your trust in others by being open about your phone (texts, pictures, videos, etc.) being viewed by others.
  • Be prepared to face the consequences, such as losing your job, ending a relationship, or being grounded as a result of finding information on someone.
  • Check you state’s electronic surveillance statutes and laws to determine the legality of your actions, and whether any evidence obtained can be used in court.



  • Do not steal a phone or delete/change phone numbers or other data. Stealing is theft and can lead to criminal charges being presented against you.
  • Spying on someone should be your last resort. Only do so once you have exhausted all other options (e.g. discussing any concerns with the person directly). Getting caught can ruin your relationship..

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