The Truth Spy Review

TheTruthSpy App review


Because of the numerous complaints from TheTruthSpy clients regarding its performance, support services and speed, our site would not recommend it to our readers. If you are looking for a reliable phone tracking application, Visit the Official MSpy Website or others from our top 5.

Are you a parent constantly worried about what your child is doing all day glued to a smartphone screen? Are you afraid because your children might be involved in unhealthy activities or getting involved with dangerous people? Are you an employer afraid of your employees’ increased use of their smartphones which might be to put your company at risk? You’ll be surprised how much this is happening on a daily basis. Children are getting into all sorts of trouble with people who are just waiting on the other side of a computer screen to befriend them and then scam them. Children are being cyberbullied, being solicited to send evocative pictures of themselves to random strangers, and blackmailed. On the other side of the age spectrum, adults are being scammed as well. Employees are using their devices to send company data and private information to competitors for money. These problems are becoming more and more real by the minute, and people are getting worried about their own privacy. You can find a solution to all those problems with TheTruthSpy, spyware for Apple and Android phones which lets you see into any phone you want and monitor any type of activity going on in there. While it shares most of its features with other reputable monitoring software, TheTruthSpy has a few tricks of its own. Read on to find out.

Complete Access to the Target Phone:

TheTruthSpy lets you access all the communication features of the phone like SMS messages and call logs. It also gives you data about web browsing as well as information about applications like WhatsApp. All of these features are necessary for anyone wanting to spy on a phone. Our communications today are dependent on our phones. Even emails, which were once sent from computers, are being handled on phones. It is the reason spy services like TheTruthSpy are focusing on monitoring and reviewing such features, so parents and employers can achieve what they want with them. Other features include access to the phone’s media files, contacts, and emails as well as the ability to record how much a certain is being used. This is particularly useful for parents who are worried about their children falling into unhealthy or unacceptable habits. Messengers like Snapchat and WhatsApp are known to get children in danger. Snapchat, in particular, is a service which can influence children to start sexting with other due to its ‘temporary’ nature.

Would be better to use mSpy

Control the Device Remotely:

Something that most spy apps have to deal with is the need to make themselves unique. There is a huge number of spy services one can use, and all of them have very similar features. TheTruthSpy does have some unique features of its own. The first of these lets you block incoming calls from certain contacts. It means that parents can use service to block suspicious contacts in their children’s phones which they think may be using them in some way or asking them to get involved in unhealthy activities. It also means that TheTruthSpy helps employers to block communications of their employees with people who are known competitors of the firm and maybe planning a fraud with your workers. TheTruthSpy also allows you to listen to the phone’s surroundings so you can decide for yourself whether your child or your employee is involved in something you should be worried about. This also helps you find out the identity of the person on the other side. But perhaps the most extreme, and possibly unnecessary, feature of TheTruthSpy is the ability to wipe out the device completely. This makes the app powerful and highly invasive at the same time, and such features should not be taken lightly at all. It should only be used when absolutely necessary like when you have found out for sure your employee has stolen your data. This feature is a testimonial of the fact that TheTruthSpy doesn’t just focus on spying but also on containing the damage which is being done.

Be Discreet, Be Aware:

The app, like most spyware, is completely stealthy when it’s on your target’s phone. It will hide well from the user of the target device, and continue to work silently in the background. This is the most useful aspect of any spy service because there is no spying without being hidden. Once you set up the software, it will continue to keep sending you the information you need through its secure online portals into your personal account. This ensures that all of the data from the target device will be secure, and accessible by you alone. There is no way anyone else can gain access to that data, and you can be sure that everything is under your control.

Great Support, Limited Compatibility:

Spy services need to have a good technical support staff to help out the people who don’t know much about using them. There are people who are not very well versed with technology and using smartphone apps, let alone a spy app. That is why a support system is a necessity with any good spy app, so all the problems people may face can be solved instantly. TheTruthSpy offers very stable customer support and offers its users a 10-day money-back guarantee as well as a 48 hour free trial period, after which it is just $16.99 per month for the Standard package. The user reviews regarding TheTruthSpy are testimonial enough of its quality, and the free trial is great for people who are not quite sure of whether this is the app for them. Where TheTruthSpy falls short of its competitors is in its compatibility with just two popular operating systems; Apple and Android. This means that people using other popular platforms including Blackberry and Windows Mobile cannot reap the benefits that TheTruthSpy brings with it. However, if you are on one of those platforms, then this app might just be the answer you were looking for.


Because of the numerous complaints from TheTruthSpy clients regarding its performance, support services, and speed, our site would not recommend it to our readers. If you are looking for a reliable phone tracking application, check out our list of best cell phone tracking software, for example, the MSpy app or others from our top 5.

Visit Official TheTruthSpy Website

98 thoughts on “The Truth Spy Review”

  1. Free knowledge like this doesn’t just help, it promote deyarcocm. Thank you.

  2. I can’t undersand how they can be the first
    main features are not working
    there no back office to answer when you met troubles
    1 time a week you can’t reach website..

    noting more to say except NULL

  3. sir i renewed gold 1 month subscription .my Order no. 38336749 .still my license is not updated.what can i do for that ,

  4. I would advice people to avoid this software truthspy, there marketing is false in the fact that you don’t need to root your device for whatsapp only after you signup and paid do you realise that you need it rooted. another thing why to avoid is that there customer services is none existence my phone stopped syncing with the system and for 5 days I have been trying to get in touch but they has been no response and they will not refund your money so please avoid them.

  5. support sucks I have been trying to cantact over a month.Recordings dont work at all and no responce received from them WASTE OF MONEY.DONT BUY

  6. Don’t buy it! Wasted my money! Customer support doesn’t exist. Device stopped thinking after 2 days. Most features doesn’t work if phone is not rooted.

  7. SUPPORT?…..There is no support…Though they have a function which no other software offers which is real time Ambient listening which is really live, you can directly listen without waiting to download…is the only reason i prefer truth spy….other then that…These guys sucks when it comes to technical support…U can send them thousands messages about ur Issues….and you will never get any reply back….Hope there are other software which can provide live listening so I can switch from this stupid developer and get some real service for what we pay.

  8. Hi Nicole,

    We’re sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, your issue is not the only one, we saw a lot of reports regarding bad Custumer Support of this software.

  9. I have used this software for the last 6 months, it performs miserably. As per the other reviews it has several faults:
    Logging into my account is always a problem with continual dropouts.
    It is SLOW
    It doesn’t capture any MMS’s
    A lot of the time it doesn’t capture complete texts.
    It has recently stopped recording any incoming calls, MP3 files are 0kb in size.
    Customer support is absolutely non-existent, not one reply to any issue that I have had.
    I am at the point of giving up with Thetruthspy and looking for something that will do the job consistently.
    My recommendation? Really, really don’t waste your money on this rubbish. I get the feeling that it has been developed and then left to rake in the money with bugger all in the way of support or upgrades

  10. i back my money your service is third class i buy this software 6 month gold pack but i request do not purchase thetruth softwore but this app is not working

  11. thethruthspy is not working so please request all of people thetruthspy do not buy only your money is weast

  12. zacharia kuria

    I m a Kenyan,i love the application but it does not allow me to pay using Shillings which is our local currency here in Kenya…please advice.

  13. I tried the TruthSpy app and upgraded to Premium, as it looked as though it worked, however, once it synchronised once, it never updated after that. All communication with the helpdesk proved fruitless. The TruthSpy app is a BIG SCAM! I have wasted my money on this app. They claim to access Whatsapp and other IMs, but it doesn’t work. The helpdesk is non-existent, so is the blog and Facebook account. Stay far away from The Truthpy. It is ONE BIG SCAM!
    Can someone please recommend an APP that works,

  14. Need to know why i cant listen to my recorded phone calls says file can not be open…using android…

  15. I first tried the free version and it worked fine. Then I upgraded to Gold only to be given a crap service. The app has not synchronize for almost 3 days now and they’re not replying back to queries.

    Allen Jason is the developer but you can not find anything about him online which rings a loud bell that this may be a scam.

    Don’t be the next victim, please stay away.


  16. As the previous reviews state. It is a scam. No customer service, u dont get all the text messages, gps takes 4hours to update oh thats when I can get in my account. All the apps they claim u can view is bullshit. I mean I paid for a month subscription and maybe 15 days the software worked somewhat. Please save ur money. Its a scam and if u have any technical issues do not expect a response they are ghost. Oh and the weekends is the worse u cant either get in the account or it just aint working. Please save ur money and research a company with better reviews that actually have a customer service department.

  17. This app. sucks… the support sucks. Guys behind this website sucks! Call recording does not work anymore. Absolutely no support!. Don’t wast your money!

  18. It was great the first 5 days then just stopped updating completely I have sent a ton of emails and messages and have not got a response I would not recommend this site to anyone it doesn’t work after 5 days don’t waste your money


  20. This was true.. this software work fine for sometime but once it stop working it will be forever. Nothing can do to make it back to normal.

  21. I paid for a six months gold license and only got 1 month added to my account .

    Been sending several emails , none of them were answered .

    I dont like people just stealing my money , can we start a case against these thiefs ?

  22. My app has stopped syncing from the day I purchased. 7 Days paased neumerous reminders sent for resolution but still no resolution.I would suggest everybody to avoid this app

  23. This app is a rip off I don’t get GPS half the data doesn’t come through and I can’t use my ambient listening it just doesn’t work and you are absolutely right customer service is not existing

  24. Don’t buy it! Wasted my money! Customer support doesn’t exist. Device stopped thinking after 2 days. Most features doesn’t work if phone is not rooted.

  25. All complaints that I have read are true. The software stops working in about 2 weeks. There isn’t any technical support, contact numbers, or faqs to help you. It’s a SCAM! If you buy it you will be sorry.

  26. No support and they switch features off if their server is busy .
    Whatsapp does not work .
    Most of the features work but not all .

  27. This app sucks!!! The features never work and when they did it was only for the first couple days i had it! then when i purchased a months worth it stopped updating to my target phone!! I tried numerous times to reach someone for help and i never got a reply and when i requested my money back i still got no where!! In my opinion…DO NOT BUY THIS!!! Its a rip off!! Worst tracking site ever!!!!!!!!

  28. Worst site and no customer support even after sending numerous e mails. Don’t buy this one it’s just waste of money

  29. Absolutely terrible app. No response from customer support in over a month, false advertisement, doesn’t capture all the data, and overall just a pain in the behind!

  30. I have tts, and it work. Does not work Whatsapp, Viber, and Location. Support? Some times they have answered.

  31. They are useless ! They are hopeless !

    they just keep on taking money from your credit card until you block your credit card.

    Dont ever pay these dumb guys

  32. Hallo das ist das größere scheisse die ich ausprobiert habe. Seit 4 monate jeden tag probleme.Immer login Probleme mal keine synchronisirung keine Aufzeichnungen voice
    Kein gps tracking jetzt seit 4 tage absolutes nix keine neue daten keine synchronisierung absolut garnix. Support gar kein support. Keine antwor . Mist BIete nicht kaufen
    Das ist abzockerei

  33. What the hell!! This freaking app stop working!!!.it says they cleaning up their data and it will take 5 hours. Its been more than 5 hours. Fix the problem and got no customer service to call.

  34. I’m definitely not going to pay a penny for this app with all these bad reviews, there isn’t one good comment about this app, sounds like a rip off.

  35. BRAZIL, the idea is good, but it not works good. When it works, there is no support about some issues. Today, 01/27, about 10PM (brazilian local time), the site is unreacheble. I paid for a Gold lic, but I asked my money back. I guess is everything to be good, but …

  36. sick of rip offs

    This program is junk no costomer service been down 3 days and not one attempt to fix it i am opening a dispute with paypal and the bbb and google does not work as advertised and hasnt since day 1 i have giving the best chance i can been with them for 5 months and not any better today than 5 months ago

  37. Hello Maria,

    you are welcome to look through our website and choose the best app you like. We recommend mSpy according to our customer reviews.


  38. Pleas e don’t buy will be WASTING your money. It’s a trap. They have no support. Whatsapp doesn’t work. It’s sheer wastage of money. I wish if i had seen this web page and these reviews earlier.

  39. I would not advise anyone to buy this software. No feature works. Called logs are updated after a day or two. Whatsapp does not work and there customer service doesn’t exist

  40. Your website is not working at all. What is wrong with it? Is it going to work because I just paid the subscription. Does everyone get they’re money back cause they should. You guys never answered when I sent messages. I’m very upset.

  41. After I paid for two days everything was fine, but now he refuses to convene your site if the site does not exist it is wrong and I’m very disappointed I request immediate care or refund all monies

  42. Hello Didi,

    We are not sure that the Truth Spy reads our website. You can only leave your review regarding this app. In case you need anything from the Truth Spy software, please visit their official website and contact their support team.


  43. Use hoverwatch it works and they reply to customers. I highly recommend Hoverwatch and would only use the truth spy trial as it doesn’t work after that!

  44. i have got premum account from a stardard i.e free trial. I have paid through net banking. My account not started till today. They are not returning my money if they are unable to start my account,

  45. This is a bunch of bullshit, only thing that works is the ambient, unable to hear phone recording since day one and nothing else works. Scam

  46. Very very bad software, it does worked for two days and then down for the rest of 28 days. It is also not logging when internet connection is not available. When contacting them, they not responding. Not recommended at all for anyone. believe you will spend your money.

  47. YES a very bad support I have send many emails and still no answer . Don t buy !!!
    I purshased gokd edition it really has worked only in the trial for one day and since then no sync and no answer from support

  48. Don’t buy it!Wasted my money Customer support doesn’t exist. Device stopped thinking after 1days. Most features doesn’t work if phone is not rooted.

  49. Cortni Brandefine

    The app is good on the first 48 hour free trial everything I needed to work worked. As soon as I paid for a gold month nothing worked and I emailed and emailed and emailed them not once did it get fixed or credited let alone not one reply so with this being said I do not recommend to pay for this app!!!!!

  50. Cortni Brandefine

    The app is good on the first 48 hour free trial everything I needed to work worked. As soon as I paid for a gold month nothing worked and I emailed and emailed and emailed them not once did it get fixed or credited let alone not one reply so with this being I do not recommend to pay for this app!!!!!

  51. I saw all review, no body told it’s good and safe wording all are told this app are not working after pay so how can do becose I have try to paid subscription

  52. Dear Friends, Don’t Buy this App, it will work for hardly 8 Days, then, device will not get Synchronize even internet 4G / WiFi is in on condition.

    You Can raise the Ticket, but no one will resolve your problem.
    No Support from the Support Team.

  53. no customer care at all, complete bullshit written on website. Sent an email 2 days back no reply till date..

  54. Its bn 7 days nw…watsapp doesnt work,, nw i cnt reach my account. ..login page not working…Hihi…its a totall rip off..avoid this app..but if u cn be patient with a few setback then buy…

  55. i have purchased this app befor two month but its not worked properly withauth i thing my mony is gone west u can do any thing about my mony back or replacment this app

  56. hello sir
    i have purchased this app yester day and try 2 3 diffrent diffrent mobiles but its not working properly
    1..Whatsapp viber skype doesn’t work.
    2..recording doesn.t work
    3..sms also not working
    I hope someone can help me please..thanks

  57. I was very annoyed with thetruthspy, the program can not run. service center really so chaotic no response. This indicates a fraud

  58. I was very annoyed with thetruthspy, the program can not run. service center really so chaotic no response. This indicates a fraud I am very disappointed

  59. I was very disappointed with thetruthspy, the price is expensive and not in use. can not function.

  60. I am so Worried because yesterday I was hack my friend’s cel fone…I was successfully hack her fone.and I found her cell records like msgs and calls history…but today I can’t found record …please help me…

  61. I bought the service on January 21, 2017….besides a few short glitches, it worked good until February 16, 2017. It suddenly stopped working. I have been sending them messages and no reply. I’ve read the reviews and now realize that it is a scam. Probably a way to hack people. I cannot uninstall the device without resetting and losing everything.

  62. Hi ,

    i have purchased standard plan instead of Premium then what is the procedure to change it to from standard to premium

  63. Only call logs, msg, pics are working no watsapp, no call recording after paying money. Total Wastage of money. Such a fake app

  64. Really worst service by the truthespy…would never prefer anyone and will always give negative feedback definately…no customer service support…no reply…and they are not even refunding my amount even after claiming since first day of purchase. Any one can help or tell how to get refund please let me know????

  65. After having the app for one day I am VERY pleased!! It was easy to download and install even during my nervousness. I was able to view messages, GPS location, and call logs which provided me with proof that my cheating boyfriend did not deserve a second chance!! Well worth the money. I also purchased Mspy but was not able to install it because there were many authentication steps and a 24-hour delay.

  66. Dont bay it…!!! very very disappointing no data found on panel they are frauds and fake only make mony after payment they dont care after many mails sent by me but no response no reply no suggestions very bad and worst company for costumers.if you through your mony only that case you go for it

  67. please if you are thinking to buy this don’t purchase. it works in free only rest i took the paid version its fake scam..

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